Sailmaking as an Art and a Science

New Sails

As a Doyle Sales and Service loft customer satisfaction is our top priority. Let us serve as your consultants in choosing your sail design with the necessary features for your boat based on your individual sailing style, prevailing conditions, and price point. We use stated rig specifications to do your price quote and prior to final design of your new sails we assist in detailed planning and measuring if necessary to insure a custom fit for every order. We are here to assist you from initial quote to delivery.

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Sail Logos and Graphics

What better way to promote a business, hobby, logo, or website than to display it on one of your sails at a busy marina or waterfront. We provide design and applications services for custom graphics on your mainsail, headsail, or downwind sails. We can also provide lettering or graphics for your canvas items such as sail or boat covers.


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Sailmaking, Sail Graphics, Luff Conversions, UV Covers, and Sail Modifications